International versions

In an exciting development made possible by the global reach of the Internet, E-Access Bulletin has begun to collaborate with an international network of blindness organisations to produce versions of the newsletter in different languages:

Italian (Italiano), subscribe (abbonisi):
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Portugese (Portugese), subscribe (subscreva):
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Spanish (Español), subscribe (suscriba):
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French (Français):
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Language Partners

Our first language partner was the Bologna-based Cavazza Institute, which is translating the bulletin into Italian each month. The institute is one of Italy's leading organisations in the field of blindness and the project is being led by its Director Mario Barbuto. Information on our Italian language version including an archive can be found at: and to subscribe email .

Subsequently we have been able to launch Portuguese and Spanish language versions. The Portuguese edition is being produced in association with GESTA (, a sub-group of the Portuguese Association of Blind and Partially Sighted (ACAPO), with support from the Portuguese Guide Dogs Association. The project is led by Jorge Fernandes, special access adviser to the Portuguese government.

GESTA has members not only from Portugal but also from Brazil and the wider Portuguese-speaking world. The Bulletin's web site and archive can be found at: and to subscribe to the Portuguese version email .

Our Spanish version is produced by an Argentinian group Red de Integración Especial, with input and advice from the Spanish national blindness institute ONCE ( The project leader in Argentina is Graciela Caplan, professor of philosophy and literature and Buenos Aires University. An archive can be found at: and to subscribe to the Spanish version email .

Our latest version is in French - produced by the public information library at the Pompidou Centre ( in association with the English Language Library for the Blind, Paris ( To subscribe to the French version, please send an email to .

We are extremely grateful to all our language partners, and are keen to hear of other potential collaborators who might be able to produce versions in other languages. Partners are required to translate or cover the costs of translation of the bulletin within about a week of its appearance each month, and to maintain a simple web page with details about that language version and a text archive. Anyone interested should contact the Bulletin's editor Dan Jellinek on .

'Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts - timely information, concise, readable. Keep up the good work.'

Rachel Ethier Rosenbaum, President, The Carroll Center for the Blind.